Cancer Picked the Wrong Chic

This is for all the women out there who are fighting to build a life they love, despite their health challenges, their own internal states or outside circumstances. Being a warrior is not about hiding your vulnerability and appearing strong 24/7, it’s about being open and honest about what you are dealing with - the raw, the ugly, the sad and the painful. 

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The Original Girlboss

Me + Sophia Amoruso? I never imagined my name would be mentioned in the same sentence as the original Girlboss, let alone get a half page feature in a story about her. Ahhhhh!! Yet that is exactly what happened.

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Try. Play. Innovate.

The people in my podcast library are my, “mentors” – I soak up all their juicy knowledge and can even hear their voice in my head when making decisions. Especially when I want to watch T.V over working on my business, I hear Gary Vee saying, “Ok, if you are not willing to do the work, you don’t get to complain, my guy!”

“Feed the hustle and nourish it.”

In this video I talk about an amazing podcast episode I heard from Tony Robbin called, Strategic Innovation

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Personal development has been the #1 thing that has made me the powerhouse some call me today. 💪🏾​As we grow, we are going to run into new challenges. That is just the name of the game. If life is, “easy” right now, you may want to check in with yourself. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt uncomfortable? Growth is uncomfortable.

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How do I rest my brain when I still have work to do?

Good question, right?


I am about to be totally transparent right now . . .

Well in true Monique fashion, whenever I am in doubt, I get in action. So, I hopped online to look for answers and found a great article from Stu McLaren entitled, “How to Boost Your Mental Energy When You Feel Drained.” PERFECT!

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