Monique Bryan

Juicy Brand On-Demand Program

training at your own pace


What You Get


I have put together all of my years of brand knowledge, gathered my network of badass experts and downloaded them into this program.


The On-Demand Training

Exclusive videos, templates, tools, & resources, to consume at your leisure that meets you where you are.

*Re-watch the bits that are most important to you

*Fit it in while you are juggling everything else

*Share these resources with your intern or your team and replicate your own results


The Community Support

Access to the private Facebook Group, Your Juicy Brand On-Demand Join the #Juicesquad where you can stay connected.

*Get coached in real life over those roadblocks

*Be held accountable as you move forward

*Stop overthinking (as you know you do), and have someone in your corner guiding you at every step.



LIVE VIP Coaching from yours truly, along with surprise guest industry experts.

*Ask questions as they come up

*Tap into a network of like-minded people

*Get a front-row seat to others being coached and guided on how to apply it to your own business.


Do it at your own pace, I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Imagine IF. . .

You could stop working around the clock, like a mad person with no roadmap?

IF . . .

You could be excited and clear about your business and where you are headed?

IF . . .

You finally knew how to use your brand to make money because you have the right tools and the right coach in your corner?


What types of topics are we going to cover?

  • How to create content with ease

  • How to get discovered through the power of Hashtags

  • How to talk about yourself so people can't wait to work with you

  • How to show up on camera like a boss

  • How to get a polished online presence

  • How to create your style profile

  • How to position yourself for speaking

  • How to network like a pro

  • How to write a bio that connects

  • How to market yourself without feeling slimy

    …and SO MUCH more!


The best part?

This program doesn’t expire. You have access to the LIFETIME of the program!

AND, I AM constantly adding new pieces of training, new tools and new experts so it is ALWAYS FRESH.




Okay, Monique, I’m ready to attract the right followers, engage with customers and GROW MY BUSINESS AND BRAND. What do I do next?

Can I be straight with you? This isn’t for everyone. This is for the individuals who are ready to invest the time, energy and money into their brand and reap the rewards. If that is you, then I want you in my #JuicyBrandSquad!

Juicy Brand On-Demand Program - Payment Plan
525.00 every month for 5 months