I constantly am trying to retrain my brain.  When you think of the all the information we take in on a daily basis, it’s a surprise we even leave the house! It’s our job to make sure our internal dialogue doesn’t become stronger than our desires. One way I do this is through listening to podcasts. I mean like, immerse myself in them each and every day. You can replace the radio and TV time with a podcast and you will change your life. Turn your car into an entrepreneur university on wheels!

The people in my podcast library are my, “mentors” – I soak up all their juicy knowledge and can even hear their voice in my head when making decisions. Especially when I want to watch T.V over working on my business, I hear Gary Vee saying, “Ok, if you are not willing to do the work, you don’t get to complain, my guy!”

“Feed the hustle and nourish it.”

In this video I talk about an amazing podcast episode I heard from Tony Robbin called, Strategic Innovation

He talks about how to strategically innovate in your business and was really giving you permission to action ideas things, without taking away from your core business. We know innovation is necessary to stay ahead, but don’t get it twisted, as Gary Vee would say, “Innovation without marketing is futile.” #FACTS

[8:50] - It’s great to listen, learn and educate but knowledge without action is a waste of time. Choose action above all else, always.

[13:10] – Impromptu - live IG audit for a guest

[14:50] The 5 things You can do to innovate in your business according to Tony, with my five cents added 👩🏾‍🏫:

  1. Getting new voices in your business – new blood to give you a different perspective in your business. You know how I feel about finding your tribe and not. If you don’t have them, create them. People who have you back but have a business mind.

  2. Bringing in new perspectives, outside of your field, industry, different age groups, who are you trying to attract. Who fills that void in your circle who you can tap into. Ask people who have great ideas and have your best interest at heart.

  3. Asking new questions. Whatever you focus on becomes true. What questions are you asking in your business all the time, and what new ones do you need to ask differently. i.e. Are you asking, “How do I get more sales” vs. “How do I create more value”

    “How can I work less?” vs. “How will I make more money in less time?”

    “How do I find more customers who will pay more for what I am offering?”

  4. Focusing on New Passions. You know those other ideas you have you have swirling around in your head. Give yourself permission to play with them versus saying that each idea you have to turn into a part of your business. Can you carve out a day of the week, or a couple of hours where you can go play with your new ideas?

  5. New Experiments. Play. Try. Without knowing how to execute on any of it.

Guard your mind against anything that is trying to prevent you from bringing your best self. If you allow the inside voice to lead you, you won’t be able to put your gifts into the world.

Go Try. Play. Experiment. Fail Forward.

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