Guide to A Stress Free Personal Brand Photoshoot

What makes a good Photoshoot? 📸 The right team who can bring your brand vision to life. Last week I curated a rockstar team to rebrand one of my clients. Andrea had come to me looking to level up her online presence, she was already getting tapped for speaking engagements and was getting a magazine feature she knew would bring on more attention. She had been so busy running her law business @henrybusinesslaw that she hadn’t had time to update her brand the way she wanted.

What I love about Andrea is she is smart, driven and has lots of hustle. She knows what she wants and knows when to hire help. We could all be DIYIng our business, but really why would you want to? We all need to focus on the pieces of our business where our strengths shine. That’s where I came in. I have multiple ways I work with my clients to have their business vision match their brand vision. Internally & externally. 




📸Booked the perfect location.


💁🏾‍♀️I hired a stylist to shop with Andrea to curate her look.


🌟Booked the team to have her looking like a rock star on set


All Andrea had to do was show up with her fabulous self.

Thank you 🙏🏾 to my team!

👗 Styling by Cindy Conroy

📸 Photography Mike Black Photo Works

💄 @tatchee

📍Location Mint Room Studios


I love doing the creative brand direction for my clients - it’s my happy place😁. And they get to really see (sometimes for the first time) what I have been talking about when I say taking your brand presence to the next level. For one day they get to be the center of attention, make up done and clothing that speaks to who they are.

When Andrea left she felt CONFIDENT and told me she was so excited about what came next. She knows the importance of a strong personal brand and how that can impact the types of clients you attract and the types of opportunities that come your way.


Why EVERYONE needs a personal brand photo shoot:

  1. It will capture the best version of yourself 

  2. It helps build trust and connection with your audience. 

  3. You will have a bank of juicy photos to use for the next 6 months throughout your website and on social 

Because remember: 

Your brand is what communicates who you are to your audience and what sets you apart from the competition. And who doesn’t like juicy visuals in their arsenal? 



Learn everything you need to know to put on a Personal Brand Shoot with Ease

Planning a Personal Brand Photo Shoot?

Looking for someone to project manage the whole thing, so you can just chill? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all you had to do was show up and be fabulous, and the rest was taken care of? That’s how I wanna roll!

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