“I Can't See My Own Sh*t”


Ain’t that the truth! I had a client say that to me on a call this week and I thought it encapsulated why I do what I do. She was a well versed marketing expert with 30 years’ experience and was in the process of building her own business. She felt overwhelmed and was unsure what to do next.

She wanted to know:

  • How to Organize all the ideas she had swimming around in her head
  • How to monetize these ideas
  • What steps to take first

In short she said, “I can do this for my clients, but I just can’t see my own sh*t!”

I busted out laughing because it was so real! That is how I feel about my own business at times as well. I say, “I can’t see the forest amongst the trees,” but her statement was way more appropriate. That is my specialty. I see people’s businesses like a beautiful puzzle.  I can see where the pieces don’t fit, and what edges need to be built first before diving into the juicy middle. However, when it comes to my own business, I often seek out my “TAP IN” team to get feedback the best route to take next. 

She said, “I can see the grand vision, just not all the steps to get there.” My response? “Tell me the big vision.”

I always start with the end in mind. Start with the big juicy vision, and work backwards. This is the key to eliminating the paralyzed feeling of not knowing what to do next. Why? Because starting from where you are and outlining the steps to where you want to be is more of a struggle then working backwards. I challenge, try it! Think of a goal you are trying to achieve and outline the steps going towards it, then try outlining the steps starting from the outcome you are hoping to achieve. Because when you have the big vision top of mind, then ditching the tasks that don’t serve that larger goal, it becomes more apparent to eliminate them. 

When you are struggling - STOP - and ask yourself who can you work this problem out with? A trusted business minded confidante who can hash this out with. And if you don’t have one - it’s time to start recruiting- networking and joining groups where you can find them.

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Monique Bryan