In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to kick off October with a recount of where I was almost 1 year to the day. In this talk I recount the shock of being diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer, all the treatment I received . . . and how it gave me the awakening I needed to live out-loud. This is for all the women out there who are fighting to build a life they love, despite their health challenges, their own internal states or outside circumstances. Being a warrior is not about hiding your vulnerability and appearing strong 24/7, it’s about being open and honest about what you are dealing with - the raw, the ugly, the sad and the painful. Life is messy and we are all dealing with something we don't want to talk about.  When I was diagnosed my first thoughts were, “tell no one!” I didn’t want to be looked after, or pitied. THAT’S STUPID! Living in an isolation of our own making does more harm than good.

“Don't wish for less problems, thank God for the ones you have, because guaranteed your worse day is someone else's best day.” – Sekou Andrews

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