Build Your Entourage


Entrepreneurship is not synonymous with, DO IT ALONE. It can be lonely when it’s just you running your business solo. That’s where people like me come in! I became a business coach, because I hated to see powerful women, with awesome businesses fight the good fight alone! But what I really missed were the DYNAMIC sessions me and my former business partner would have. Man, when we got together and start to brainstorm on an idea, it was fireworks! The energy of bouncing ideas back and forth, coming up with a game plan and mapping out the big vision was like cocaine ( ok mind you I have never done cocaine, but I can only assume that is what it feels like from all the movies I have watched). I would leave our sessions so fired up, like I had just finished a spin class and it hit me, “EVERYONE needs someone to do this with in their business!” Et Voila! Monique Bryan Consulting was born. 

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely ass road, and it doesn’t have to be. My advice? Get a COACH or a MENTOR as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you hit a wall, it is important to create your “TAP in TEAM” so you can “TAP” into them whenever you require. Your Juicy Delicious Life #YJDL is just one team member away, don’t waste time and energy trying to do everything on your own. 

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