You could say, “I am so overwhelmed!” OR you could say, “I am just living a big life!” Can you feel the difference?

Can I get real with you for a second?

Watch the words coming out of your mouth. Why? Because they are actually creating your reality. If you stop and look around you, your life is the total sum of all your thoughts. Those thoughts turned into actions and voila, welcome to your life! If you look around and love everything you have created, then YAY, you are good! If not, take some comfort in knowing, that if you are at the source of your life, then you have the power to change it at any given time.

In this video I talk about:

  • Some tricks and tips to beat that feeling of, “overwhelm”
  • How to not let that feeling dictate your behaviour
  • What to get sh** done despite that feeling
  • Find out the one thing that is running your day and how to get it handled.
  • How short timelines are the holy grail of getting sh** done

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