I’m baaaackkkkk from #EcodeATL in ‘Hotlana,’ and I am so pumped!

#EcodeATL was an event created by Tori Torres of, The Posh Girls Club and Diamond Girls the Magazine, that brought women together from all over the U.S. and moi, the only Canadian, all in the name of building their brand.

It was a privilege to be one of the guest speakers and share my story with all these powerful ladies. I could do a recap of the event, but really, I want to talk about the impact of bringing like-minded women together. Because you guys know how important that is. That is where the JUICE is! There was so much connection and love in the room, AND I got the opportunity to meet some of the amazing women who follow me on social media. It is so crazy how social media has made the world that much smaller and although we connect online when we met in person, it’s like we were already long-time friends. I just love that!

As solopreneurs, sometimes while we are doing our thing, we don’t always know if our efforts are making a difference for people. So, it was humbling to hear that indeed people are watching my weekly “IG Lives” and taking action in their business and their life. YASSSSS!

After the event I received a ton of messages for the women I met, it had my heart just bursting! I told myself that if I went all the way to Atlanta to speak and was able to inspire even one woman to take on their life, then it would be worth it. Here is what happened.

Not even 24hours after the event had finished I got this message (she gave me permission to share):


customer feedback.png


AND the next day she made it happen! FYAH! That is what I am talking about!



Listen, nothing I said up there was, “new” necessarily. However, sometimes all we need is to hear something said, from a particular person, in a particular way, at the right moment in time, to have them take a new action.

Receiving this message is truly why I do what I do. Thank-you (you know who you are).

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