My biggest fear? If I am blessed to live to be 90 years old, my biggest fear is saying to myself, “I wish I had done that thing . . . but I didn't and now it's too late.”

I am not talking about going back in time and doing things in your life differently. I am not interested in looking backwards. I want to talk about today, right now. Is there anything you wish you were doing, but have told yourself a very good “reason” why you are not?

Is there a business you wanted to start?

Do you want to quit your job and work on your side hustle full time?

Is there a collaboration you would die to have?

Is there someone in your industry you are too scared to reach out to?

Is there an event across the world you wish you could attend, or even speak at?

What are you going to regret? Will you ever look back and regret starting this business, even if it doesn’t work?

No one is going to create your business or that opportunity for you, it's up to you. ONLY YOU, can set the wheels in motion to make it happen.

This video was inspired by a conversation I had with one of my clients.

We talked about:

📌No matter how hard or how scary, make your move before you are ready.

📌Take new actions, any action.

📌How are you quantifying your risks?


This is it. Right now, TODAY. This moment in time.

There Is only 1 thing that is certain - death. Sorry, not sorry. Like you didn’t already know.

Ask yourself, if today was your last day, would you regret what you are doing right now in this moment in time? If the answer is yes, you know it’s time to make a change. Simple but true.


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