I have yet to meet a client who didn’t want to be “like” someone they saw, follow or stalked on social media. LOL! It’s totally normal. I am not talking about being a catty copycat, I am talking about MODELLING.


Modelling is a form of learning where individuals ascertain how to act or perform by observing another individual. Think of it this way, you may know how to tell a joke better because you have watched Jay Leno's standup routine on TV. Or, if you have ever felt uncomfortable at a party and someone gives you the advice of: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" -- well, the person is really saying: "Model your behaviours and learn how to act by watching how others are performing in the same situation."

In business, this could be in the way you build your website, how you brand your content, how you speak to your customer or the keywords you use. The point is everyone models their company after some other brand they admire and then put their unique twist or offering on it. DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL PEOPLE! Stress less and learn from the people who have come before you and have been successful. I mean no one has said, “Man I wish I could do it better than Oprah,” he or she says, “I want to be the next Oprah!

Know what I mean?!

In this video I talk about this + MORE:

⚡️How to study the competition effectively and apply it to your own business.

⚡️What language are they using to speak to their customer?

⚡️How do they manage their customer relationships, through their product, copy, website, partnerships?

⚡️What is the key untapped resource on social media

In this video, I take you through a full exercise so get your notebooks and pens ready!

I also talk about the tool we created to rock your Website and put marketing in the driver's seat.

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