“This time last year I was laid up and laid out, and now I am prepping to host a workshop with 40 women centred around my new workbook and new business. My world can shift in such a short period of time . . . I am nervous and excited. I know I can put on a rockstar event, I’ve done this before . . . but this is different, I’m different. I use to worry about whether people would get the value of the evening, now I worry about having enough energy to make it to the end without fainting. Or being overly exhausted, or dealing with these hourly HOT Flashes! They make me so self conscious and are F** horrible! AGHHHHH! I have packed ice water, some fans and I am wearing a light weight dress. I mean other then showing up naked on a slab of ice, it will just have to do!”

This is the journal entry I wrote hours before hosting the Small Business Self- Care panel/workshop a couple of weeks ago, in collaboration with Make Lemonade and She Does The City. I am happy to report I didn’t faint LOL! and everyone told me how inspired and empowered they felt from participating in the event. I DID IT, and I couldn’t be happier! Cancer didn’t stop me, it only made me stronger. 

Check it out!

What’s the one thing you have been too scared or nervous to do? What are you telling yourself is too hard, or coming up with reasons why you can’t have something? I’m telling you, YOU CAN! What if I had let my fears stop me? It would have been a disservice to myself and every person who came to the event.


Thank-you to Make Lemonade for helping organize and providing your amazing space and She Does the City for always supporting me throughout my journey, introducing me to your community and profiling me on their platform.

SPECIAL THANKS TO my beautiful panelists who volunteered their time and wisdom, I am forever grateful:

Bianca Harris IG: @iamBiancaHarris - @WIPPToronto

Aya Mcmillan IG: @ayamcmillan

Davida Gragor IG: @davidagragor

Nicole O. Salmon IG: @nicoleosalmon

Desiree Eatmon, for always being my right hand and being my photographer for the night. Dani Lyn Ayee, for the great video content IG: @danilynayee,To our food sponsor, Delica Kitchen, IG: @delicakitchen, To Nichole Williams IG: @orooro for the beautiful gifts for the speakers AND to all my friends and followers who came out (rain and all), I love you! 💕