When Tony Robbins, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach was asked about what certifications he has that qualified him to coach people in their lives, he replied, “I have a PHD in efin’ results, how about that?” I mean I am paraphrasing somewhat, but you get the point.

Experience trumps education all day, every day!

Some of you may be wondering what qualifies me to coach entrepreneurs? Good question! I could give you a laundry list of my qualifications and talk about managing teams of product developers and buyers, being the right hand to CEO;s, the grind of launching and running two start-ups, what I learned from making 6 figures and loosing it all, selling my product internationally, running an incubator for entrepreneurs, or working with manufacturers throughout Asia.

But really the only thing that matters is what my clients say:


“"I've worked with a few business coaches and branding experts in the 20 years I've been in business. What I can say about Monique, is that she really looked deeply into who I was at my core, what my true dreams were, my fears and all the messy stuff in between. After just one 6 hour session, I have a crystal clear vision of where I'm going next, what to do and what it should look like. All the pieces have been put together."

-Creator of TWENTY, CEO of Nicole Richards Cosmetics

You betta’ ask about me! LOL!

In this video I talk about how to discover what makes you the one, to start or run your business.

We explore questions like:

  • What expertise do you have?
  • What do people say about you?
  • When a degree really matters?
  • Are you passionate enough to push this business forward?
  • How to find out what your strengths are, when you have no idea?

Let’s get into it!

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