Build Your Big n’ Juicy Brand

Do you and your business have a juicy story, that you’re busting to share with the world? Together we’ll craft the story and visual identity that brings your personal brand to life.



Are you ready to build yourself as the brand you know you were meant to be?

I’m handing over my best ideas and proven process to get you there.


You’ve put in the work, time, and resources to become an expert in

your competitive industry — so why aren’t you being seen as one?


This package is Perfect if…

  • You’re serious about curating a newsworthy brand

  • You want to brand yourself as an expert and gain credibility as a kickass business owner

  • You have a self-sustaining 6-figure business or income

  • You’re excited about a 6-month commitment to bring your brand to life

  • You’re decisive and take direction

  • You’re passionate about your next chapter and are ready to do what it takes to make it happen


What to expect

  • We’ll kick things off with a tailored VIP Boss Day to set you up for success (in-person or virtually)

  • We’ll develop an irresistible brand voice that gets recognized

  • We’ll write core messaging that connects with your audience on a deep and compelling level

  • We’ll curate a visual identity that authentically reflects who you are

  • I’ll show you how to build a tribe who can’t wait to hear from you, work with you and buy from you

  • Weekly accountability calls to get results quickly without BS

What you get

  • Clear brand vision outline for the next 12 months

  • Expertly written brand storyboard and core messaging themes

  • Visual branding identity and implementation guide

  • Clear ‘Dream Customer’ profile

  • Online + offline marketing strategy

  • Story outlines that can be pitched to the media

  • Weekly accountability and coaching sessions to keep you on track at every stage


Add Some Extra Sauce!!!

You may know already that you want double duty to kick your brand into high gear. Perfect!

I’ve got a team of creative specialists on standby who are ready to join us in executing your brand vision. When you fill out your application indicate if you want to hear about the teams that help with any of the following:



Platinum Service: Concierge Meets Coach

I’ll take care of every detail and make sure you’re prepped and ready for your big opportunity.

What to Expect

  • Full brand management - AKA - you show up and look fabulous whilst letting a team run the show

  • I’ll outsource experts to write your blog posts, your pitches and manage your social media feed

  • As your Talent Manager + Creative Director, I’ll organize all photoshoots, press ops and pitches

  • You’re comfortable to make a 6-12 month commitment and an investment in excess of $28k




Can I be straight with you? This isn’t for everyone. This is for the individuals who are ready to invest the time, energy and money into their personal brand and and reap the rewards.

Your investment starts from $1997 USD/month and includes a full day personalized session, weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and liaison with all creative teams.

Ready to do this thing? Fill out the application form - and don’t spare any of the juicy details! I’ll approve your application, and we’ll set a date for your VIP Boss Day to get that brand magic happening!


Wanna Know More About The Process?

Brand Yourself Boss Day


With a focus on strategy, we’ll uncover your key message and answer the question, “Why would anyone care?” Together we’ll craft the story that puts your brand message on centre stage. Click to Learn More.

Build Your Juicy Brand


Wish you had a creative team on staff? Now that you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, it’s time to build your visual identity and gain the tools that have you stand out from the rest.

Pitch 'n' Position


After we build your brand identity, it’s time to share your message with the world. I’ll equip you with the tools, confidence and inside media scoop to help you land the gigs you are dying for. Click to Learn More.



“Prior to working with Monique’s the business ideas were whirling in my head, unsure of where to begin and how to tangibly create growth. After taking her program not only have I been able to implement steps necessary for my business growth, but I've seen immediate payback and increased sales.”

- Jessie Arora, Creator of Luxury Skincare, Atma Things & Tarot Card Reader

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