Monique Bryan

I’m Monique Bryan

Business Strategist & Brand Coach


I help seasoned experts, those undiscovered gems, who have amazing things to offer but haven’t figured out how to get people to take notice. In short, they don’t know how to articulate their, “Juice” online.

You may have seen me in Entrepreneur Magazine or perhaps we met at a speaking or panel gig, (those are my jam!). If we haven’t met yet, you are going to love my signature, no BS style.




Too many of us are waiting for the “right” time to step into what we know deep down we were meant to be doing. Story of my life! I have launched two start-ups and worked with tons of brands, but I always knew deep down I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing.

Often it’s not until something in our life blows up, giving us the wake-up call we need, to gain the clarity we have been searching for.

My wake-up call was on February 13th 2017, one week after my birthday and 6 months after marrying the love of my life. That was when the day I was diagnosed with stage 3, triple positive, breast cancer. My life changed in an instant and I didn’t know if I would be given a second chance to go after all those things I said I always wanted.  Thankfully with each healthy day that followed, (sporadically over the next 9 months), I came back to life. I was fired up like never before! I shared my entire journey through social media, launched a website and spoke on stages helping other women who were going through their own struggles in silence. As a result I built a community of 10K + around being my authentic self. Resulting in a strong personal brand.

I vowed from that point forward, I would live a juicy, delicious life by any means necessary. I met so many women whose knowledge and life experience could help others if they could just figure out how to clarify their message, and wrapped it up in a pretty bow so people can take notice. They needed to share their juice! Building out a strong brand is more than just a pretty logo, (but I do have some of the most badass creatives on standby when we need them).

When we work together I will bring over 15 years of top-level industry experience in the areas of brand development, creative direction, and business management. More importantly, I bring passion and a no nonsense approach to getting your message out to the world. Because the world needs you!

Today I live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband. My favourite things to do is go to the movies, (popcorn and storytelling, what’s better than that?!) and travelling, because it puts all my senses into overdrive. If retail is my therapy then laughter is my medicine. I only rock with people who can laugh at themselves.

And seriously, thanks so much for joining me here, I can’t wait to see what you do.




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